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Revolutionizing Construction Safety: The Upgraded Safety App You Need

Valueadd Softtech and Systems Pvt Ltd (VAST) is a technology services company specialized in product lifecycle management, product/application modernization and digital transformation.

Dedicated involvement and engagement with the users help us to understand the pain points. Working on the need to address it in the shortest span has been at the forefront of the culture at VAST.

Development of the SafetyApp was part of the VAST incubation efforts to develop product fit for the real estate market. SafetyApp successfully addressed the site safety management needs of the construction industry . It was validated by the real estate industry and used on 61 sites. It helped in the induction of 66956 workers, 285109 work permits, 341822 toolbox trainings, 4425 highlighted observations with 1375 users.

The need to revamp the User Interface for better User Experience and the feedback from the clients necessitated the work on the upgradation of SafetyApp.

Under this development, VAST deployed modern technology to make it future proof. One can read on the details of the features added as follows:

a) Business Intelligence reports – Business Intelligence reports based on the inputs will enable better decision making. This has been developed in sync with the requirements of the decision makers for enabling a safe environment at the construction site.

b) Checklists – Checklist is one of the important features for the construction site has been included in the update. Checklist can be created for every type of the requirement at the site for enabling better adherence to the compliance standards set by the Management.

c) Safety Actionable – Working on the requirement to pointing of the lapses in the safety, enhancing the details of the impact by involving the affected people and observers, its analysis by recording the Corrective action, Preventive action can be a game changer in the long run.

d) QR based Staff Attendance – Inducted workers entry can be done based on the QR code generated. This help secured entry and reduction in the safety lapses.

e) Role Management – Roles as per the hierarchy of the organization can be set up.

f) Role Based Access Management – Customized access to the roles have been created.

g) Contractor – Details of the contractors and workers with the contactors under different occupations can be inducted.

h) Contractor Group – Multiple entities under same contractor can be also listed.

i) Project wise customization – Escalation, Legal entity names, amongst others.

The development of these features will be help to

  1. Predictive analytics: Safety App can help to understand predictive analytics to identify potential hazards before they occur. This technology will help to understand historical data to identify patterns and predict potential safety issues, allowing companies to take proactive measures to prevent accidents.

  2. Mobile accessibility: Safety App is more accessible via mobile devices. This allows workers to access safety information and report incidents in real-time, even when they are on the go.

We are working on the new features where the safety inputs will be incentivized and help to encourage the safety behavior in the organization.

Overall, these updates are helping to improve safety in the real estate construction industry by providing workers with real-time safety information, tools, and training.

SafetyApp is a helpful software tool to create a safe construction environment.

Safe Training, Detailed inductions, Specific Work permits will help to create a safe construction environment.


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