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Redefine Safety At Construction Sites With Safetyapp

Ensuring safety of workforce at construction sites is the prime responsibility of the builder, contractor and all stakeholders of the activity. Threat to life and personal injury in the construction industry is relatively higher and probably ranks among the top 5 industries prone to such risks. That being so measures to ensure safety of workers of this industry must be the focal point of the industry think tank.

While most agree on this the initiatives to ensure the ground scenario are slow and few. The reasons for this could be many but the construction labor continues to grapple with danger at workplace. Successive governments have been reinforcing the necessity of scaling up safety measures for the construction industry by amending and expanding existing rules and must be credited for taking to technology to arrest calamities at construction workplaces. The extensive use of various apps like Nigrani from the Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department, PWD4U- a digital initiative from Kerala government to enable citizens notify the government of poor quality roads which need facelift, with facilities of geo-tagging and tracking redressal status, to name a few, are pointers in the right direction.

The private sector too can factor the advances in technology to provide safer working conditions at sites and enhance goodwill in the market. Apart from adhering to the new set of safety rules the construction industry, to up its safety credentials, must look to technology as a means to provide better and safer working conditions at construction sites.

The winds of change have set in for good. Reputed builders are turning their gaze towards digital solutions like SafetyApp in their quest for providing higher safety standards at their work sites. They are reaping rewards for their progressive step as is being constantly evidenced in the

  • Ease of tracking and monitoring of construction site activities from remote locations

  • Establishment of clear and linear as well as cross-communication channels among workforce for greater coherence

  • Providing timely training to staff and placement of right personnel for the job on hand

  • Easy preparation and accessibility of work permits with signatures and geo-tagging

  • Ease of identifying potential hazards and initiating precautions

  • Facility to alienating functions, responsibilities and accountability

  • Real time notifications of inductions

  • Offline data capturing and subsequent syncing on availability of network. Offline data capturing and subsequent syncing on availability of network.

  • Up to 60% reduction in loss of man hours due to accidents, incidents

  • Continuity in work schedules resulting in timely completion of projects

  • Swifter reporting system in case of any mishaps

  • Ability to initiate transparent follow up and remedial measures

  • Timely compliance

  • Enhanced market credibility

A single user of SafetyApp (across 30 sites) has been able to

  • Issue around 74,000 work permits

  • Conduct over 17,000 induction trainings

  • Hand over about 70,000 tool box trainings

  • Report and resolve around 120 incidents

That is the power of digital solution in the construction industry for you. Get in touch with us for an insightful demo of SafetyApp to know how to best adopt it to your requirements.

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