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Kumar Properties and Nyati Group - take the SafetyApp way to ensure human resource safety at sites.

Pune – VAST SafetyApp, a Mobile based Safety Platform that enables safety compliance and risk reduction at construction sites, announces that Kumar Properties and Nyati Group have selected its platform to deploy at 30+ projects collectively. SafetyApp, a product incubated by VAST (Valueadd Softtech Pvt. Ltd.) will be used to hazard identification & risk assessment (HIRA), and for getting visibility across multiple sites with digitized processes and workflows. Mobile App lets users report potential hazards, safety breaches and non-conformities in seconds to enable construction companies to take proactive measures which was a prominent challenge in the construction industry.

Threat to life and personal injury in the construction industry is relatively higher and probably ranks among the top 5 industries prone to such risks. That being so measures to ensure safety of workers of this industry must be the focal point of the industry think tank. This is where SafetyApp steps in and provides for smooth workflows which can be monitored for overall improvement in the quality and quantity of output in the construction industry.

“Kumar Properties has partnered with VAST SafetyApp with an idea of understanding how we can improve our response towards safety in terms of data collection, and to ensure a proactive approach. With rising construction incident news across the country, the importance of safety is rapidly increasing. It is now very imperative to have proper training to construction workers including migrant labours. By deploying technology at sites, we want to increase awareness among the construction workers about our vision in terms of construction and companies EHS initiatives. To comply with statutory law, we need to keep collecting a lot of data related to labour compliances like name, PF number, BOCW registration and so on. We find SafetyApp very promising to collect data and give us an overall dashboard. SafetyApp helps in issuing electronic work permits, raising and tracking NCs to contractors, capturing unsafe acts and unsafe conditions which result in a safer working environment. We are working closely with Team SafetyApp to enhance some of the functionalities to match the demand of the construction industry. We find SafetyApp an ideal tool to perform all these tasks with minimal effort and it is helping us achieve our objective of insulating our construction sites from accidents and fatal incidents and be compliant with government mandated procedures and filings”, says Rohit Sardesai, Vice President at Kumar Properties.

Kumar Properties Group is a well established, value driven enterprise since 1966 and one of the largest players in Pune’s real estate market with more than 35,000 satisfied and happy families living in their 135 completed projects. Kumar Properties has deployed SafetyApp for their ongoing Pune and Bengaluru projects.

Nyati Group also deployed VAST SafetyApp across all their projects. The collaboration between Nyati Group and VAST goes back to a few years back when Nyati Group deployed VAST ClientCare, Post-Sales Real Estate CRM, for managing their customer experience.

"At Nyati Group, we are always striving to be the First Choice for all our Clients, customers, vendors, Contractors & employees. This can be achieved only by constantly upgrading our mindsets, technological skill sets and having very strong value-based commitments. Keeping this in mind we have been associated with ValueAdd Softtech & Systems Pvt. Ltd. to deploy the Nyati Instacare App and the Nyati Safety App, both of these have been very effectively used by us. The Nyati Safety App has been our endeavor to ensure a safe working environment at sites. " says Colonel (Retd) Ganesh Sirsikar, VP at Nyati Group.

Nyati SafetyApp is deployed at 33 projects across 12 Zones and so far, 31521 Inductions, 149957 Work Permits, 158845 Toolbox Trainings, 1310 Non-Conformities & Safety Observations are recorded and resolved using SafetyApp.

SafetyApp is a product incubated by Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt Ltd (VAST), Pune. VAST has been in the forefront, driving the conception, design, and development of SafetyApp. VAST CEO Prashant Upasani, a civil engineer by qualification, says “He has seen the need for digitizing the construction industry. The construction industry is one of the most risk-prone sectors calling for a deeper digital penetration for better control of activities and imposition of systemic safeguards. The largely unskilled workforce of the industry has to be appropriately trained to ensure sustained quality results and maintain higher safety standards in the industry. We understood this need while designing the SafetyApp and have added multiple features through the journey, so far in line with industry needs as envisaged by builders and industry experts. We are working with industry experts and authorities with a goal that the SafetyAPP should be a synonym of BOCW and safety standards”

Speaking of the association, Kaushik Markale, Product Manager at SafetyApp sounds confident of the digital solution providing an array of answers to the construction industry as a whole. He says, “ SafetyApp is conceived as an answer to the multiple challenges faced by the construction industry. It does away with manual recording and monitoring of work processes and infuses across the board accessibility of data for preemptive and timely action in the construction sites. Users of SafetyApp can benefit from the technology and be on the right side of Law and save precious lives and money. With innovative safety features, an intuitive interface, and a powerful service providing 24/7 reliability, SafetyApp has what it takes to address the challenges of the construction industry”.


VAST SafetyApp is incubated by VAST. VAST SafetyApp is a first-in-class App for the construction segment to enhance efficiency and safety in operations at multiple construction sites. It offers unique Features for real-time supervision and monitoring of all site activities. It offers seamless visibility across sites with easy communication and monitoring of RFIs. It enables a comprehensive grasp of work-flow with definitive timelines, head-count and pin-pointed accountability levels. For more details, please visit:


Kumar Properties Group is a well-diversified, value driven enterprise since 1966 and has established itself as one of the largest players in Pune’s real estate market. With over a hundred housing and commercial projects under its belt, the Group has become synonymous with delivering complete solutions to its clients. Kumar Properties has now integrated with SafetyApp to enhance the quality of its construction operations and insulate its human resources against perils and dangers inherent in the workplace.

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Nyati Group is one of the most well known Pune-based Real Estate groups with several prestigious construction projects in both residential and commercial segments. The Group has its presence in Dubai with a full-fledged Sales & Marketing Office to serve the Indian Diaspora, is focused on shaping lifestyles with specific focus on design and innovation in the construction industry.

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